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Record Setting Mexico Auto Production Jumps 9% in March

Riding a record-setting tide of auto exports, Mexican auto makers produced 9% more units in March than they did in the previous March.

The exports shot up 23% in the same one year period. Just in March alone, 236,599 vehicles were exported making for a 2012 first quarter export total of 589,581. The car producers made 268,265 vehicles in March to end the first quarter of 2012 with a total production of 713,643. All four of these figures are records for the auto makers.

Obviously not every car produced in the nation is for a foreign market. 83,574 autos were bought by Mexican buyers in the third month of this year, with Nissan being the most-popular brand.  Still, this strong economic indicator has carryover across the border.  It could be good news for buyers facing high prices on AZ buy here pay here car lots, with low new car sales and a scarcity of quality used vehicles driving up prices.