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Are Foreign Cars More Dependable?

Are foreign cars more dependable? Well, it all depends on which care you are talking about. There are some really good things about investing in a foreign car, such as great prices and stylish looks. Many of them are even becoming environmentally friendly. There is one catch to most foreign cars – and that’s the fact that finding parts is extremely difficult. Some foreign cars, such as Honda or Toyota might not be so tough to find parts for, but if you get a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, you may have some issues. It seems that most of the foreign cars are more fancy and expensive, while the domestic cars can be expensive, but have more of an “All American” feel to them. Nothing to flashy.

Now when you are looking at dependability, we will have to say foreign. JD Power and Associates, a consumer research company, came to results that the most dependable cars were all from Japan – Nissan, Honda and Toyota. These are some of the most sold cars in the states and are so because they are cheap. They last long and have minimal consumer complaints. It’s the reason why they have been around for so long.

Out of the luxury cars, the ones that were found most dependable by JD Power and Associates were also foreign – Lexus and Infiniti. These two are very popular as well in the States due to the luxurious style and somewhat manageable prices.

It seems that most of the domestic cars aren’t so dependable because of the parts they are made with. They are cheaper and because of that – you get what you pay for – an undependable car. Honda, Toyota and Nissan have been topping the dependability charts since 1990. The three Japanese cars are very similar to one another in terms of looks and prices. The fact that they are dependable cars makes them sell easily. People are comfortable purchasing from these manufacturers because they see those they know with them and probably get good recommendations. If you look on the road while you are driving, you will see that most of the cars are of one of the three car brands.

It’s almost like a subconscious act when buying a car, to lean towards getting a Honda, Toyota or Nissan. They are beautiful cars and they are very familiar to us.

If you are looking to buy a dependable car, you should look at consumer reports that are up to date. You should do as much research about any car manufacturer you are looking to buy a vehicle from. To truly know if a car is dependable is to get one under a long warranty. Once you are driving it for a while, you will be able to see if there are any flaws. Dealers that sell cars “As Is” tend to sell lemons. They know the car isn’t any good and warranty wouldn’t make them any money, since the owner would likely bring it back after it breaks down. So do test drives and find dealers with the best warranties. The most dependable car is one with low mileage, so try your best to find one.

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