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If you want to get a loan for a car, truck, or SUV with poor credit, you no doubt know aggravating it is to have your credit refused. But regular car loans are not the only way for you to finance your ride. Why not consider buy here pay here auto dealerships in Fountain Hills, AZ?

These dealerships are also known as your job is your credit, we finance, or tote the note car lots.

While a traditional car dealership will have you select your vehicle before discussing your financing agreement, in house financing auto dealers in Fountain Hills, AZ are the opposite.

Recommended Monthly Payments: Fountain Hills (AZ)

Divide your monthly wages by 10, and don’t invest beyond this amount on car payments. When you earn $2,565 monthly, for example, this equates to $257 per month. Coughing up more than 10% will place you at a high risk for failing to make payments.

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No reason to go to a variety of car dealerships trying for approval. It’s our mission to help you get approved today!

Do You Qualify?

Many bad credit dealerships in Fountain Hills, AZ are looking for a monthly income of more than $1500, as well as an advance payment of some type.